Minerals of Mongolia

Mongolia is a land locked country.It is covered by China and Russia. It is a developing country with large nomadic population. But the nature is graceful upon Mongolia. It is rich in varieties of minerals.The hills, mountains, valleys and deserts are full of minerals.Geological survey and mineral explorations indicated that deposits of coal, uranium, gold, copper, iron ore,bauxite and rare earth minerals are found in abundance in Mongolia. The rare earth mineral deposits are estimated at 31 million tonnes. The rare earth elements found are tantalum,niobium,thorium,yitrium and zircon. Deposits of feldspar,beryl,quartz,gypsum,limestone and dolomite are found in many places. Gemstones are also reported from here. Rio Tinto explored some areas and discovered gold and copper deposits in Oyutolgoi. It has also extracted copper minerals and some amount of gold. A number of companies from Canada,Australia, China and Russia are engaged in geological survey and mineral exploration activities. Indian company Coal India is engaged in exploration of cocking coal.Mongolian government enacted laws for mining and mineral exports. Mongolia is liberal in foreign investment and international trade. The government emphasizes on power generation and infrastructure development in Mongolia.