Minerals of Brazil

Brazil is a rich country with its vast resources of lands, forests, minerals and water. Mining contributes significantly to the economy, employment and Industrial activities of Brazil. It is rich in iron ore, bauxite, manganese, gold, cobalt, nickel, lead, zinc and uranium. It has reserves of tantalum and niobium.

It is also rich in coal and lignite. Brazil has some production of oil and natural gas. But it imports oil from other countries. It has minerals of lime stone, asbestos, kaolin, quartz and gemstone. Brazil is the third largest producer of iron ore in the world after China and Australia. Vale is the major company producing iron ore from the Carajas region.

South American Ferro Metals extract iron ore from Pontoverde mines in Minasgerais. Other companies are Central Resources and Centaurus Metals engaged in iron ore mining. Due to lack of roads, railways and power supply hampers the extraction of minerals like manganese. Vale is the major producer of manganese. Cancana Resources is the second producer of manganese in Brazil. It is the major mineral exporter to China, Japan and European countries.