Minerals of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a land locked country in central Asia. It has an area of 652000 sq.km. The population is around 30 million. The country has gone through the civil war, power struggle and war with terror outfits like Taliban. Afghanistan is dependent upon Karachi port of Pakistan for export and import. It is rich in mineral resources like iron ore, copper, cobalt, gold, coal, lithium, limestone and dolomite. Large deposits of sandstone, marble and granite are also found in Afghanistan. The value of minerals of this country is estimated at around one trillion dollar.The countries like China and India are partner of Afghanistan in the development of mineral sector. Peace and local cooperation is needed for long term mineral development activities.The tribal groups are to become part of mining and exploration activities. The lithium deposits are found to be very large and high grade. The countries like Pakistan, India and China are to develop joint mechanism to bring peace in Afghanistan. They may work for the mineral and industrial development of Afghanistan in future.