Menance of Zika virus

Fever developed by zika virus was first detected in the year 1947 in Uganda, Africa. A group of scientists were trying to find out the reason of yellow fever and its spread in Africa. They put a macaque in a cage and kept it for a night in the Zika forest of Uganda. In the next morning it was found that the macaque was having fever. Serum was taken and found that it was a different virus from yellow fever......

Mozambique and its resources

Mozambique is a country of southeast Africa. It has an area of 812379 Out of that the land area is around 784089 The remaining areas are covered with water bodies like lakes and rivers. Mozambique has a coast line of 2470 km.....

Namibia and Its resources

Namibia is a country of South African region. It was known as the South West Africa. It was a colony of Germany. It was taken over by British Army and handed over to South Africa for administration. It remained as a colony of South Africa for some period. It gained independence on 21st March 1990. It has an area of 825615

Ghana and Its resources

Ghana is a country of West Africa region. It has an area of 238533 The water bodies cover an area of 11000 The capital of Ghana is Accra. As per 2014 estimates the population of Ghana is 27 million. The population density is 101.5 per English is the official language of Ghana. Other languages spoken by the people are Akan, Ewa, Ga, Dagbani, Nzemza and Hausa...

Minerals of Tunisia

Tunisia is located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. Algeria and Libya are neighbours of Tunisia. The border with Algeria is around 965 km and the border with Libya is 459 km. The area of Tunisia is 163610 The land area is 95 percent and the water area is 5 percent. The coast line is 1148 km long. The northern part is hilly and has some peaks....

Minerals of Mali

Mali is a landlocked country. It is located in the western Africa. Mali is part of Sahara desert and Sudanese savannah land. It is located to the south west of Algeria. The neighbours of Mali are Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Cote de Ivories. The area of Mali is 1,240,

Mineral development, Civil war and Epidemics in Africa

African continent is rich in minerals, forests, water, oil and other natural resources. But poor people without any basic amenities like safe water, housing,food, medical care,school.and electricity also live in most parts of Africa. The Gross Domestic Product or GDP is very low in many countries. Large scale deforestation, unscientific mining activities and illegal collection of valuable minerals damaged the environment of many countries of Africa...

Africa China Relations

Africa-China relations refers to the historical, political, economic, military, social and cultural connections between China and the African continent. Little is known about ancient trade relationships between China and Africa. Modern trade relationships resumed between China and Africa in the era of Mao Zedong. As of 2013, China's nominal GDP by Expenditure approach is 56.88 trillion Chinese yuan or 9.2 trillion US dollars. From 1979 until 2010, China's average annual GDP growth was 9.91%, reaching an historical high of 15.2% in 1984 and a record low of 3.8% in 1990. In order to maintain a growth rate of 9 and above, China depends heavily on Africa for natural resources (diamonds, gold, silver, uranium, cobalt and large oil reserves).

Mineral Industries of Madagascar

Madagascar is an island in the Indian ocean near the south-eastern coast of Africa. Madagascar is close to Mozambique. and separated by a channel called Mozambique Channel. Madagascar is full of granitic rocks.The basic and ultrabasic rocks are also found in patches.Varieties of minerals are found in this country. Important minerals are gold,silver,copper,nickel, cobalt,chrome,bauxite,iron ore,vanadium thorium,uranium and coal .Other minerals are limestone,graphite, rutile, ilmenite and zircon are also found in Madagascar.Petroleum and tar sands are also found in this country. Mica is also found in some places.Gemstones are important mining products produced in significant amount.Precious gemstones like emerald,ruby saphire and blue saphire are produced by artisan miners. Alexandrite, garnet, spinel, zircon, chrysoberyl and aquamarine are also produced by artisan miners. Gold is also extracted by artisan miners.Minerals have significant contribution in the economy of Madagascar.