Nickel mining in Philippines

Philippines is a country of islands located in the pacific ocean near Vietnam and Indonesia. It is affected by cyclones and oceanic storms. Earth quake tremors also affect the islands every year. The islands are formed by volcanic activities in the past.The rocks are basalt,granite, anorthosite, gabro, peridotite, pyroxenite and serpentinite. Occurrence of sandstone,limestone, laterite and clay are common to many islands. The minerals found in these islands are nickel ore,manganese ore, chromite,copper ore, gold and iron ore.Other minerals are calcite,feldspar,gypsum,quatrz and sulfur. The minerals are found in abundance in Philippines.It has largest nickel ore reserve in the World. Nickel Asia is the major producer of nickel ore, concentrates and nickel metal.Other producers are Beguet, Berong Nickel, Eramen Nickel and platinum group.Due to environmental and health hazards the nickel mining activities are opposed by local population.. Philippines exported around 25 million tones of nickel ore annually. It also produces 0.4 million tones of nickel metal every year.The environmental and health problems of nickel mining are to be taken care on priority basis before it is too late